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L E X I C O R P S . c o m  
Writing, Editing, and Desktop Publishing Services based in Orange County, California U.S.A. 


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LEXICORPS is the "dba" of Charles Bosdet. I'm an independent writer, editor, and desktop publisher who has prepared hundreds of engineering reports, scientific papers, marketing brochures and presentations, and winning proposals for a variety of companies since 1988.

I operate LEXICORPS as a "virtual company," usually working alone with customer executives, managers, and employees.  When necessary, I call on the proven talents of other independent specialists for graphic arts support, pricing and financial strategy or analysis, and the like. For instance: 

  • An engineering company needed 2,000 full-color marketing brochures for a convention in two weeks.  The brochure needed to be understandable and useful to engineers already familiar with the technology and to consumers who knew nothing about it.  I designed and drafted a brochure that met both objectives, employing an artist to turn my sketches into polished illustrations as I finished writing the copy and arranged for production. The customer received and approved the final proof in seven days, and the finished brochure was delivered on time. It was a hit. 
  • A financial consultant needed a business plan  in three days for a start-up Technology Development and Consulting technology company in need of investors. Starting with the consultant's sketchy draft and additional information about the company, I wrote the administrative and technical chapters. A trusted business-management associate prepared the pricing, financial, and sales chapters, and we hammered out the marketing approach together.  Leaving some "fill in the blank" sentences for data that were not available to us during our holiday-weekend marathon, we delivered a credible and otherwise comprehensive plan on time. 


My service and product documents — new-business proposals, marketing materials, engineering reports, and such — have included power stations, advanced commercial and military aircraft, magnetically levitated trains, nuclear submarine systems, shipboard power systems, computerized document imaging and retrieval systems, and electric vehicle batteries.

Sometimes a company needs someone who understands writing, editing, graphics requirements and production, just to effectively manage the people who are actually preparing a report, proposal, or other collaborative publication.  I do that routinely, typically working with three to 20 people — engineers, pricers, marketers, and so on — to produce documents of 200 to 3,500 pages.  For instance:

  • A large corporation needed to prepare and deliver a critical, 3,500-page "bet the company" proposal in 90 days.  I screened and hired eight free-lance editors, then organized and managed the editorial and production teams that converted contributions by more than 120 writers into a complete and compliant document.  We delivered the proposal on time and met every corporate objective.

  • General Publications Services

    Marketing collateral, reports, news releases, etc.
    Writing and editing
    Desktop publishing
    Publication management
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    Proposal Services

    Planning and management (technical, management, and cost books)
    Writing and editing
    Desktop publishing

    I have prepared or managed the preparation of technical and cost-price proposals to an assortment of commercial and government customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Click on the links below to view a list.

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    Research Services

    Technical research using the Internet and technical libraries
    Writing, editing, and publishing the results

    One recent research project required the rapid location and acquisition of shipbuilding documents that would describe the design and shipyard construction-management processes for a 1,500-ton vessel. Searching corporate, university, and government resources worldwide on the Internet, LEXICORPS was able to provide its customer with more than 1,400 pages of useful "hands-on" manuals and guidelines in three days. You can see a byproduct of this research, the LEXICORPS Ship Design and Construction Resource Page, here on the Web.

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    Some current and former clients include law firms, software and other computer-related companies, engineering and R&D houses, financial consultants, aerospace companies, and the Federal Aviation Administration. LEXICORPS qualified as a desktop publishing vendor to Beckman Instruments Corporation in 1996.

    I am accustomed to helping business people and engineers whose command of English is limited, and count many natives of Russia, Europe, India, China, and Japan among my clients.

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    My management, writing, editing, and publishing experience spans a number of industries and includes —
    • 13 years in commercial and technical writing, editing, and publishing
    • Producing 17 videos for a professional organization
    • Writing advertising copy
    • Providing public relations strategy and support for a start-up engineering company
    • Ghostwriting corporate strategy documents
    • Designing and publishing newsletters for a Fortune 500 company
    • Nearly 15 years as a newspaper editor and writer
    • Radio news Trouwjurken reporting
    I'm always interested in new endeavors, and am adept at applying experience from one industry to new challenges in another.
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    Orange, California USA 92865-1934

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